First Friday Animation Party

November 17, 2010

Join ASIFA-Colorado for our inaugural Santa Fe ArtWalk event! 2nd & Kalamath. See the events page for more info. This First Friday, step out of the cold and into animation merriment. See ya there!


Animation Station Screening at the SDFF

November 14, 2010

Just hours ago, ASIFA-Colorado conducted it’s famous Animation Station Workshop and Competition screening at the 33rd annual Starz Denver Film Festival. We had a packed house as we screened original animations from the two age groups (6-12 and Over 12), as well as 11 teams who competed in last Sunday’s animation competition for a $600 prize. The results were fantastic! Multiple styles of animation were executed: from traditional 2d, cut-out stop motion and claymation, to very professional Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Maya compositions. Overall, it was an epic festival season for ASIFA-Colorado. Thanks to all the participants, volunteers, and members of the Board! Thanks to all the SDFF organization for hosting an interactive event with festival goers and their families!


HD.NET and the Animation Station at the Starz DIFF

November 7, 2010

The 33rd Annual 2010 Starz Denver Film Festival hosted yet another exciting and successful Animation Station Workshop for kids and teens on Saturday, November 6th. Aspiring animators from the Denver area and beyond spent the day creating unique Thaumotropes and acting in an original pixilation animation. The results of which will be screened FOR FREE at the Starz Theatre on Sunday, Nov. 14th at 2:45pm. This year’s workshop included a surprise visit from’s video crew. They are shooting a documentary short on Colorado kids participating in creative activities. And nothing is so creative as Animation!


Associated Content Review of International Animation Day Event

November 5, 2010

Jason Cangialosi, Featured Arts & Entertainment Contributor for Associated Content has written a great review of our recent International Animation Day event:

ASIFA-Colorado Celebrates International Animation Day

There was an impressive turnout of Animators, ASIFA members, Animation lovers, and a few unsuspecting cinephiles like myself for the Denver screening of “Nine Nation Animation”… click to continue

Be sure to check out the article for great reviews of the shorts that were screened in the program. Mr. Cangialosi did an excellent job of capturing the event, and the Colorado animation community thanks him!


International Animation Day with ASIFA-Colorado

October 24, 2010

We’re going to be presenting a great selection of animated shorts from around the world called Nine Nation Animation this Thursday, Oct. 28th at Starz FilmCenter. Board members Evert Brown and Joey Buhrer will be on hand to present the film, and will also have T-shirts for sale. ASIFA members get discounted tickets, and you can join ASIFA at the event. Check out the Events page for more info.


About Us

October 24, 2010

About ASIFA-Colorado

ASIFA – Colorado was established in 2001 as a non-profit corporation devoted to cultivating and promoting the art, craft and profession of Animation.

Together, our membership and Board of Directors are developing a far-reaching range of programs and special events to meet the following goals:

  • Stimulate discussion among professional and non-professional animation enthusiasts about concepts and technologies evolving in the industry.
  • Increase the visibility of Colorado Region animation companies available to serve the growing demand for commercial animation productions across the nation and around the world.
  • Establish a tradition of local, public events including seminars, panel discussions, special screenings, festivals and workshops devoted to more broadly acquainting the population with the power, diversity, and application of animation in all media.
  • Increase the connections between animation education programs and professionals in the industry.
  • Enrich the experience of animation students by bringing the diversity of the international animation scene to their doorstep.

More about ASIFA

Traditionally connected with the most important animation festivals of the world, ASIFA is an international non-profit association of animation lovers, filmmakers and professionals who exchange ideas and information. The association inspires creative collaboration across many borders.

Consisting of more than 1,500 members from 60 different countries, ASIFA is dedicated to animation as a contemporary art form, and to promoting the work of independent filmmakers. ASIFA-Colorado, ASIFA International’s newest national charter, aims to serve as a window to the international world of animation and creativity expressed via the unique powers of this art in motion. For more information please refer to


Summer Cel Recap

October 16, 2010

Our annual ASIFA-Colorado Summer Cel-ebration event was once again a success!

Board Member Evert Brown, Colorado Animation Legend Sam Fleming and Animator Wynn Greene (L-R)

The Summer Cel is always one of the most fun events on the Colorado animation calendar. What could be better than local student, professional and independent animators getting together to hang out, enjoy some brats and beers, share their work and have a good time? This is one of my favorite animation events of the year. It’s always cool to see students chatting up pros, instructors from different schools talking shop, indie animators sharing their works-in-progress, and so many other cool things…all in a casual environment on a beautiful Colorado summer day.

Board Member Wes Price plays VJ, cuing up another animation to be projected

The weather was perfect out at ASIFA-CO Ranch in Arvada. Our BYOA (bring your own animation) segment was popular, resulting in one of the biggest screenings of local Colorado animation in recent memory. We received a few new entries for our ASIFA-CO Show Reel. New members signed up. A few lucky animators walked away with great prizes, including an ASIFA T-shirt and a 1 year membership! All that plus ASIFA provided refreshments (free beer!) and food, at a cost of $5 for non-members and $0 for members…all I can say is, I’d be sorry if I missed this one. Good thing we do it every year!

Joey Buhrer
ASIFA-CO Board Member at Large

Contact Us

April 25, 2010

Contact ASIFA Colorado

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April 25, 2010

There are several ways that you can support ASIFA-Colorado.

Make a donation.
When you donate to ASIFA-Colorado, your donation contributes to children’s animation workshops, animated film screenings, presentations, panel discussions and seminars featuring visiting animators and figures from the local animation scene, and many other events and projects that help cultivate the art, craft and profession of animation in Colorado.

ASIFA-Colorado is currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Grant writer
  • Sponsor Marketeer
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  • Publicity Volunteer
  • Event Photographer

If you are interesting in any of these volunteer positions, or would like to offer other volunteer services, please contact us.

Sponsor ASIFA
ASIFA-Colorado loves our sponsors! Sponsors contribute to the Colorado animation community through financial support, in kind donations, partnership opportunities and more. If you or your organization would like to sponsor ASIFA-Colorado, please contact us.

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April 25, 2010
Membership has its privileges!

There are many benefits to being an ASIFA member. Members get discounted entry to all ASIFA-Colorado events, including theater presentations of new animated films, screenings of rare and vintage 16mm cartoons, members only sneak peeks of animations from around the world, lectures by noted animation professionals, animation workshops, social networking events for Colorado animators and more. Some events are even free for members. Members also get discounted entry into ASIFA-Colorado projects, like the Exquisite Corpse animation and ASIFA-Colorado Show Reel. ASIFA-Colorado members also receive a discount on Denver Film Society membership. When you join ASIFA-Colorado, you also become a member of ASIFA International. You’ll be in great company: Richard Williams, Hayao Miyazaki, Ralph Bakshi, Bill Plympton and many other great animators are members of ASIFA International. Members also receive the excellent Cartoons Magazine, which is a great source of news and info on the international animation community.ASIFA-Colorado membership offers a world of opportunities for independent animators, professionals, students and animation enthusiasts in Colorado!
Professional Membership: $60,
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