April 25, 2010
Membership has its privileges!

There are many benefits to being an ASIFA member. Members get discounted entry to all ASIFA-Colorado events, including theater presentations of new animated films, screenings of rare and vintage 16mm cartoons, members only sneak peeks of animations from around the world, lectures by noted animation professionals, animation workshops, social networking events for Colorado animators and more. Some events are even free for members. Members also get discounted entry into ASIFA-Colorado projects, like the Exquisite Corpse animation and ASIFA-Colorado Show Reel. ASIFA-Colorado members also receive a discount on Denver Film Society membership. When you join ASIFA-Colorado, you also become a member of ASIFA International. You’ll be in great company: Richard Williams, Hayao Miyazaki, Ralph Bakshi, Bill Plympton and many other great animators are members of ASIFA International. Members also receive the excellent Cartoons Magazine, which is a great source of news and info on the international animation community.ASIFA-Colorado membership offers a world of opportunities for independent animators, professionals, students and animation enthusiasts in Colorado!
Professional Membership: $60,
Student Membership: $35, Family Membership: $120
Membership application – You can join ASIFA-Colorado at any event. You can also use the following form to join using PayPal. (Required Fields)
School: Company:
Title: Your URL:
E-mail: Phone:
City: State:
Student: $35 Zip:
Professional: $60 Country:
Family: $120  
All information is confidential.You can also send your contact information and a check to:
209 Kalamath Unit 7
Denver, CO 80223

Thank you! ASIFA-Colorado members rock!

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