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October 24, 2010

About ASIFA-Colorado

ASIFA – Colorado was established in 2001 as a non-profit corporation devoted to cultivating and promoting the art, craft and profession of Animation.

Together, our membership and Board of Directors are developing a far-reaching range of programs and special events to meet the following goals:

  • Stimulate discussion among professional and non-professional animation enthusiasts about concepts and technologies evolving in the industry.
  • Increase the visibility of Colorado Region animation companies available to serve the growing demand for commercial animation productions across the nation and around the world.
  • Establish a tradition of local, public events including seminars, panel discussions, special screenings, festivals and workshops devoted to more broadly acquainting the population with the power, diversity, and application of animation in all media.
  • Increase the connections between animation education programs and professionals in the industry.
  • Enrich the experience of animation students by bringing the diversity of the international animation scene to their doorstep.

More about ASIFA

Traditionally connected with the most important animation festivals of the world, ASIFA is an international non-profit association of animation lovers, filmmakers and professionals who exchange ideas and information. The association inspires creative collaboration across many borders.

Consisting of more than 1,500 members from 60 different countries, ASIFA is dedicated to animation as a contemporary art form, and to promoting the work of independent filmmakers. ASIFA-Colorado, ASIFA International’s newest national charter, aims to serve as a window to the international world of animation and creativity expressed via the unique powers of this art in motion. For more information please refer to www.ASIFA.net.

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