ASIFA-Colorado Board Position Candidate’s Bios

July 26, 2013

                Ed Desroches

As Animator, web designer, instructor and computer geek, Ed has produced, directed, animated and edited numerous short films through workshops and independent projects.  His films have screened during film festivals the world over. Ed’s articles on animation have been published in journals such as CARTOONS, ASIFA Magazine and Animatoon. He recently completed a book about the 50 year history of the ASIFA organization. He founded the ASIFA-Colorado Workshop projects and has presented many workshops both in the USA and abroad. He has juried many animation competitions, such as Animazing, SkillsUSA and the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival.  Ed currently resides on the board of ASIFA, as President and also President of ASIFA-Colorado.

                Joey Buhrer

Joey Buhrer was awarded a BA in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Colorado in 2006 and received the Portfolio Par Excellence Award for having the top portfolio in his class. He accepted a position with a small visual effects company in Los Angeles called Two Headed Monster, where he contributed animation for music videos and commercials, including work for Columbia Records recording artists The Decemberists and Def Jam recording artist Rev Run (formerly of Run–D.M.C.). In recent years he has relocated back to Denver and is currently working for Masque Publishing, creating animation and illustration for PC games as well as projects for AOL and Apple. Joey is also very involved in community based animation projects, including animation workshops for ASIFA-Colorado and the GI Joe Stop Motion Film Festival as well as several animation related mentorship programs. Currently Joey resides on the Board of Directors for ASIFA-Colorado.

                Wes Price

With over 12 years of professional experience in illustration and animation, Wes has a track record of producing extraordinary results for many national and community-based organizations. His clients have included New Life Cinema, Warner Brothers, Buena Vista Games, Simon & Goodman Picture Company and National Geographic. He was instrumental in delivering the Animation Station workshop during the 2008 Denver International Film Festival. He is a life long student of anatomy and animation and was awarded a Master of Science degree in Medical Illustration and Animation by the Medical College of Georgia. Currently, Wes is a freelance illustrator, animator and full time faculty member teaching under the Media Arts and Animation Department at the Art Institute of Colorado.  Wes is on the board of ASIFA-Colorado.

                Corrie Francis Parks

Corrie Francis Parks has shown her award-winning animated films on every continent except Antarctica, including heavy hitters such as Annecy, Hiroshima and Zagreb. She has met many of the ASIFA Board already through these travels. Working with with sand, paint on glass, cut-outs and hand-drawn mediums, Corrie hopes to further the global animation conversation through seamlessly blending digital and traditional techniques. Her latest sand animation film, “A Tangled Tale”, is currently on the festival circuit. She looks forward to the day when she can count penguins among her fans.

                Vaughn Johnson

Vaughn Johnson is a web marketer and freelance animator who is passionate about the history and art of animation. Prior to joining ASIFA-Colorado, Vaughn was a member of ASIFA-Hollywood for eight years. As an ASIFA Board Representative, Vaughn feels that his experience in the field and contacts in other ASIFA chapters can help promote ASIFA Colorado to in-state residents and the world at large. After his day job ends, Vaughn can be found at home working on his next animated short.

                Judy Gardner

Judy has taught computer animation, drawing and electronic imaging at the Art Institute of Colorado and Metropolitan State College of Denver and currently teaches electronic imaging at Regis University. Judy also works as an independent contractor doing technical computer visualization and animation for engineering firms, manufacturers, film makers, architects and large construction companies. Her personal art work ranges from large scale installation work to print-making and painting. Her recent fine art work focuses on combining traditional and digital printmaking techniques (a process she has termed Tradigital) and mainly deals with issues of personal transformation and identity. Judy holds an MH Fine Arts and Theater from University of Colorado and a BFA Graphic Design/Illustration from Northern Arizona University. She resides on the board of ASIFA-Colorado.

                Patrick Mallek

Patrick Mallek is a 22-year veteran in the advertising industry and an award-winning animator. As a youngster he thought his calling was as an illustrator, a plan that was expanded when his mentor Curly Campbell told him he was an “idea man.” The ideas have been flowing freely ever since; to date, he’s written and directed over 50 animated shorts. His films have aired on MTV Networks and screened at countless festivals, nationally and internationally. He’s developed animation programming for Clear Channel Radio and Premiere Radio Network, has created wildly successful flash videos, feature film title work and music videos, and his animated shorts that have gone viral on YouTube. He is the animation director and juror for the Boulder International Film Festival and an active member of ASIFA. Patrick may or may not also have a black belt. With a gold buckle.

                Evert Brown

A freelance animation director and instructor at the Art Institute of Colorado in the computer animation department, Evert has designed and animated for TV, film, CD ROM and the web.  Evert worked extensively for studios in Hollywood with many different characters, primarily with Charlie Brown, Garfield, and Cathy.  He has worked on forty-two television specials, hundreds of commercials, five full-length features, and has received an Emmy for direction of a “Cathy” television special. Evert’s mentoring has inspired many animators in the Colorado region and he continually seeks to improve and help junior and student animators.  His interests surround the potentials of internet, animation, and teaching. Evert is co-founder and resides on the board of ASIFA-Colorado.

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