Animation invades DIA!

May 17, 2013

If you’ve flown out of Denver recently, you probably noticed the eye-catching new jumbo screens wrapped around the towers above security. The were just installed by Clear Channel – yet another venue for media advertisement in public spaces. But thanks to the Denver International Airport Art and Culture Program, local media artists have elbowed there way into the digital space as well.

ASIFA-CO’s own Corrie Francis Parks is one of the artists featured, with two works providing a whimsical, artistic “breather” from the advertisements.  One piece Narrow Gauge, is a combination of expatiation and painted animation. The other, The Orange Umbrella,  is a colorful paint-on-glass piece.

A Frame from “Narrow Gauge” by Corrie Francis Parks, installed at DIA.

The work will be playing at the airport through August, so now you have something to look forward to when you are waiting in those long security lines! If you don’t have plans to fly, you can also preview the two works on Corrie’s Blog.

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