Night Hunter Recap

February 14, 2011

Sandro Del Rosario (L) and Stacey Steers at DAM

As those of you that attended last week’s DAM Contemporaries screening already know, Stacey Steers’ new animated film Night Hunter is wonderful. The film was enthusiastically received by a capacity crowd at the Denver Art Museum’s Sharp Auditorium last Friday. The evening included screenings of a selection of Stacey’s previous films, which many of our members know and love from previous ASIFA screenings. I saw many of those members in the audience anticipating the premiere of Night Hunter. The new film utilizes imagery of American silent film actress Lillian Gish, and builds upon Steers’ unique style of handmade dreamlike animation. The captivating, organic imagery carries the viewer along a continually unfolding path of stunning vision and imagination. It is not to be missed.

I have heard from several ASIFA members that were unable to make reservations in time to attend the premiere. If you missed it, rest assured that you can view Night Hunter through August 28th at the Fuse Box exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. If you get the chance, be sure to thank DAM for bringing great animation to Denver and for exhibiting the work of an awesome Colorado animator.

ASIFA-CO Board member Wes Price and I got to spend a moment chatting with Stacey and L.A. based animator (and friend of ASIFA-CO) Sandro Del Rosario at the reception, pictured above. It was great to hang out with these two again, and a great way to cap off a wonderful night for animation in Colorado! Also, a big thank you to our members that attended and showed DAM that Colorado loves animation. You guys rock!

Joey Buhrer
ASIFA-CO Board Member at Large

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