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September 6, 2004

Volume 2,  Number 3

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ASIFA/Colorado Volunteers and Board

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Carmella Rodriguez

Treasurer and Business Manager


David Mesple        

Emissary to Secondary Education               


Kevin Ryan           

Vice President of Marketing


Evert Brown

Membership Chair


Judy Gardner

Publicity Coordinator


Todd Debreceni

Vice President of Allied Fields


Tom Ward

Director of Communications


Ed Desroches

News Letter Editor

Mission Statement

ASIFA Colorado was established in 2001 as a non-profit corporation devoted to cultivating and promoting the art, craft and profession of Animation.

Together, our membership and Board of Directors are developing a far-reaching range of programs and special events to meet the following goals:

      Stimulate discussion among professional and non-professional animation enthusiasts about concepts and technologies evolving in the industry.

      Increase the visibility of Colorado Region animation companies available to serve the growing demand for commercial animation productions across the nation and around the world.

      Establish a tradition of local, public events including seminars, panel discussions, special screenings, festivals and workshops devoted to more broadly acquainting the population with the power, diversity, and application of animation in all media.

      Increase the connections between animation education programs and professionals in the industry.

       Enrich the experience of animation students by bringing the diversity of the international animation scene to their doorstep.


To join ASIFA-Colorado:

go to http:/

or send a check; $30 for Students, $55 for Professionals (payable to ASIFA-Colorado) to:


6585 W. 62nd Place

Arvada, CO 80003

include your Name, Address, and phone number. Student include a photocopied id.



To find out more about the Animator's Workshop Group (AWG) for children contact:

 Ed Desroches



To contribute or volunteer contact:

Evert Brown 


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New & Noteworthy

        Well for the second year SummerToast has come and gone. For those of you who missed it - don't miss it next year!  It is a great event to meet and network with folks in all different are arenas, many of whom are extremely interested in talking with and teaming up with animators.  After a slight downpour and some heavy winds the event kicked off with the Coor's truck handing out beer right in the middle of all the tents. Many people attended and stopped by the ASIFA tent to watch our animations and talk animation.  Very fun, very interesting, very bad to miss it!

      The Children's Animation Show kicked off its first year at the D-Note in old town Arvada. Lot's of great and different animation was shown, thanks to Kevin Ryan who put the show together. Most of the kid's watched with open jaw throughout the event and were wishing for more afterward.  

     The board took most of the summer off and the minutes have not yet been published for the last meeting.

Please note that if any of the projects that ASIFA-Colorado is working on interests you, feel free to contact any board member listed in the left hand column and let them know you'd like to help out! After all, this is about you!

Upcoming Events       

        September 29th, 2004

Debbie Catalano - Wednesday, September 29th at 7pm.
Debbie is a Colorado CGI visual effects artist who has worked for some of biggest companies in the industry for the last 10 years. She has worked on films, commercials, and broadcast graphics. Some of her clients include Warner Brothers (Scooby-Doo!), 20 th Century Fox (Dr. Doolittle 2), Sprint, Intel, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, WB, ESPN, Starz!, Encore, the Academy Awards and many more. She is fluent in Maya, After Effects, and Flash, and many others.
  $5 Admission - $3 Students Members Free Wednesday, September 29th at 7 pm. at the Rocky Mountain College at the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design Theater, 1600 Pierce St. Lakewood, CO 80214.

        September, 2004

Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival is touring again with shows in Denver, Boulder and elsewhere.  Don't miss this one as it features animations from member Patrick Mallek at Mighty Fudge Studios.  Leave the kids behind though as family values are not what it's all about!

        October, 2004

Don't miss our upcoming activities for International Animation Day!

In 2002, the International Animated Film Association (ASIFA) launched its International Animation Day to commemorate the first public performance of Emile Reynaud's Optical Theatre at the Grvin Museum in Paris in 1892.

The different ASIFA groups, which are represented in about thirty countries in the world, are ready to celebrate this World Day.
We invite you to join us by screening animated films, organising workshops for the initiation of beginners, exhibiting artwork and stills, providing technical demonstrations...

Some of us have taken this opportunity to spread this event over several days (for instance 9 days in France, 5 days in Portugal) involving numerous partners. In 2003, as many as 17O events have taken place in the whole of France.
Such a celebration is an outstanding opportunity of putting the animated film in the limelight, as this art is not yet easy of access to quite a large fraction of the public.
On this occasion, we will arrange the publication of an original poster and send a press release which will both be shared in common with all those participating in this event. The ASIFA groups will also suggest various programmes of animated films and you will find all particulars on ASIFA.NET. Those programmes will be available to the various participants too.

Please contact one of the board members if you have a specific event you'd like to see or be involved with.

Festivals & Conferences

        Ottowa 2004  Canada
September 22-26, 2004 
       Leipzig  Germany
Oct 19-24, 2004
        Espinho (Cinanima)  Portugal
November, 2004
        Utrecht  Holland 
November 3-7, 2004 
        Genzano di Roma (I Castelli Animati)  Italy 
December 1-5, 2004 
        Cineme International Animation Festival 
Chicago, Illinois 
September 24-26, 2004 
        Giggleshorts International Comedy Short Film Festival 
Toronto, Canada 
September 25-29, 2004 
        27th Starz Denver International Film Festival 
Denver, Colorado 
October 14-24, 2004 


        Member Profile: Carmella Rodriquez

Carmella is a pioneer in video-on-demand over phone lines. She has over 10 years in the business of creating multimedia products and owns Cinetek Productions. You can contact her at

Ed: How long have you been in the video industry?
Carmella: I was first introduced to the multimedia/video industry in the early 1990's while co-founding On-Demand Technologies (ODT) in Austin, Texas. ODT was one of the first software companies to deliver video-on-demand using analog and digital technology over telephone lines.

Ed: How has the industry changed since you started?
Carmella: The major change that I have witnessed over the years in this industry have been the advancement in technology and it's price tag. Virtually anyone can produce animation, video, and web development from their home. The percentage of women in this industry has jumped a great deal over the last 10 years and they have become major contributors. You go girlfriends!

Ed: You're very involved in Video why the interest in animation?
Carmella: My passion in life is moving images, animation and children. I love the visual world I live in and I want to use my creativity and skills to help children in their early developmental years by producing and animating educational programming.

Ed: Do you have personal projects you work on?
Carmella: I have so many personal projects that I work on that I cannot finish one of them, but one day I will succeed.

Ed: What brought you to Colorado?
Carmella: Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, living in Texas I wanted to come back to the mountains and I landed up in Colorado working for Galileo International and United Airlines to test the first United Airlines on-line ticketing reservation system.

Ed: What type of work are you now doing here in Colorado?
Carmella: Projects include corporate and consumer clients. My corporate clients usually include diverse service agencies like Colorado Access, a nonprofit health plan that provides access to behavioral and physical health services for medically under-served Coloradans, and the Denver Indian Family Resource Center, a nonprofit who assists families to avoid involvement with the child welfare system. Where families have already encountered child abuse or neglect charges, DIFRC advocates active efforts toward family reunification.

Ed: How do you feel about the animation landscape in Colorado?
Carmella: The animation landscape in Colorado is in it's infancy just like the video industry even though it has been around for over 30 years or more in Colorado. As animators or animation enthusiasts we need to bring awareness of the importance and economic value that this industry brings to Colorado.

Ed: What do you think would improve the Colorado animation scene?
Carmella: For the first time the legislature is looking for economic alternatives for our state. With 9/11 and the War on Iraq our government is planning to fund many animation simulation projects in this area. Denver has great potential to be the next digital hub between the West and East Coast. It is the responsibility of people in our industry to bring awareness and educate our government leaders, professionals, and community. As a proud member of ASIFA-Colorado, I volunteer my time to help this effort.

Ed: Thanks for your time.
Carmella: Thanks.



Two weeks.  

Two wonderful glorious weeks. 

Two weeks of pure animation fun.  

And two festivals, too!

One festival happens the first week and the following festival happens the next week one train day away.  To be sure, they are two entirely different festivals.  Annecy happens one week in  a small town in the French Alps by a beautiful lake about an hour from Geneva , Switzerland . Zagreb , the other festival, is one week in the capitol of Croatia , a recently war torn country. But with only two weeks in Europe I could enjoy both.  And both need to be enjoyed and appreciated.

The festivals complement each other well.  Annecy is full of excitement, powerful and Zagreb is small, more friendly. Annecy has a great and large audience that is delighted with each showing hooting and howling for the characters and any creators on hand. And the showings are plenty, oftentimes with 4 or 5 showings at once, it is impossible to see and do everything. I spent only 2 days in Annecy missing the conference and MIFA (the expo.) I stopped by merely to see the event and to man the ASIFA booth for a few hours.  I am sorry I was not there longer. There was just so much to see and do and unfortunately I could not attend the closing ceremonies where the ASIFA prize was given to Bruno Edera, an animation historian.  The town of Annecy is beautiful as well, a small French city nestled in the Alps next a large lake.  And everyone is friendly even though over 1000 animators have descended upon the town.

Zagreb on the other hand is different. It too is a friendly city that welcomes the animators with open arms and it is always willing to do anything to accommodate guests.  The festival is much smaller than Annecy and this gives it a lot of intimacy.  You can speak to anyone and everyone is close even going to the same club after the shows. Zagreb is the festival to attend if you are looking to meet many fellow animators and discuss styles or techniques or life.  There are fewer theatres set up at Zagreb also and so it is possible to see and do everything.  



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