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February 12, 2004

Volume 2,  Number 1

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Mission Statement

ďASIFA Ė Colorado was established in 2001 as a non-profit corporation devoted to cultivating and promoting the art, craft and profession of Animation.

Together, our membership and Board of Directors are developing a far-reaching range of programs and special events to meet the following goals:


ō      Stimulate discussion among professional and non-professional animation enthusiasts about concepts and technologies evolving in the industry.

ō      Increase the visibility of Colorado Region animation companies available to serve the growing demand for commercial animation productions across the nation and around the world.

ō      Establish a tradition of local, public events including seminars, panel discussions, special screenings, festivals and workshops devoted to more broadly acquainting the population with the power, diversity, and application of animation in all media.

ō      Increase the connections between animation education programs and professionals in the industry.

ō       Enrich the experience of animation students by bringing the diversity of the international animation scene to their doorstep.Ē




To join ASIFA-Colorado:

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Arvada, CO 80003

include your Name, Address, and phone number. Student include a photocopied id.




To find out more about the Animator's Workshop Group (AWG) for children contact:

 Ed Desroches






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New & Noteworthy

        Ray Lederer - Mr. Lederer joined us from Jaleco Entertainment to provide some insight into the world of gaming. Not the kind found at Black Hawk, but the 3d kind. Ray showed some of his concept work and then dove right into Maya to give us a whirlwind tour of the low polygon universe within. Ray commandeered the program with such ease you could see the audience in their seats just wanting to get a hold of the mouse themselves. Very intriguing evening, thanks, Ray!

      Electronic Theater - SIGGRAPH's  Computer Animation Festival was screened in December. Excellent animations from the Computer Graphics world. The Computer Animation Festival is a host of animations compiled for the SIGGRAPH yearly conference.  These are animations from around the world that have made the final cut alongside animations from the top studios such as ILM and Rythm & Hues.

     During the most recent local board meeting there was much discussion about almost everything that is ASIFA-Colorado.  The ASIFA Reel was brought up and it was requested that we get moving with this project.  The Children's Animation Festival will kick off this summer. The Children's workshop has been going strong with a great turnout of children and volunteers.  The Children's Workshop also posted a web page to show off its progress at  We hope to link this to the ASIFA-Colorado site at some point. Speaking of which, the web site was brought up due to the slight glitch where it went down for a week in January.  There was information about a Friday Afternoon Committee that was mentioned. Some other regional Art groups are looking to open the doors on working studios to allow members a quick peek at what's going on and they want ASIFA-Colorado involved.  These open studios are tentatively scheduled for the last Friday of each month. Our monthly events at RMCAD seem to be quite popular and a Call-for-Speakers has been informally announced.  

Please note that if any of the projects that ASIFA-Colorado is working on interests you, feel free to contact any board member listed in the left hand column and let them know you'd like to help out! After all, this is about you!

Upcoming Events       

        February 25th, 2004

Scott Burroughs - Animator / Ilustrator 

 Scott, fresh from the Disney axe, has been gracious enough to let us see his work and question him about the Disney debacle.

At the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design Theater,

NEW LOCATION - 1600 Pierce St. Lakewood, CO 80214

        March ??th, 2004


Festivals & Conferences

        Moondance 2004
Boulder, Colorado 
May 28th-31st, 2004 
Deadline: April 1, 2004. 

        Anima 2004
Brussels, Belgium
February 18 - 29, 2004
        VES Awards 2004
Hollywood, California USA
February 18, 2004
        Cartoon Master: Cartoon Creativity
Halle, Germany
February 19 - 21, 2004 
        WebAnima 2004
Brussels, Belgium
February 19 - 29, 2004 
       The Naughty Animation Show
Toronto, Ontario Canada
February 19, 2004 
       Futuranima 2004
Brussels, Belgium
February 26 - 28, 2004 
       Human Engine Animation Festival
Cambridge, Massachusetts USA
March 01 - April 30, 2004
       Anime Overdose Conference
Santa Clara, California USA
March 05 - 06, 2004
Brussels, Belgium
February 26 - 28, 2004 
       Durango Film Festival 2004
Durango, Colorado USA
March 06 - 14, 2004
       Cartoon Movie 2004
Potsdam, Germany
March 11 - 13, 2004 
       Wizard World Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California USA
March 19 - 21, 2004

        Hidden Agenda Gaming Contest, World Wide Web 
June 1, 2004 
        Taiwan International Animation Festival 
Taipei, Taiwan 
May 1, 2004 
        Anifest 2004 Trebon 
Trebon, Czech Republic 
May 3rd-8th, 2004 
        Cartoons on the Bay 2004 
Positano (SA), Italy 
April 21st - 25th, 2004 
        33rd International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Holland, January 21 - February 1, 2004 

3D Festival 2004, Copenhagen, Denmark 
May 3 - 6, 2004. 



        Member Profile: Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck is a long time animation actor.  He recently finished up a full-length feature entitled Looney Tunes Back In Action. We were able to catch up with Daffy resting on the shores of Venith. Ok, so maybe he's not an ASIFA-Colorado member, he can't have everything...


Ed: How was it getting out of retirement and back on the big screen?

Daffy: Fabulouth! Thimply fabulouth.  I wath able to work with my old friend Bugth again.


Ed: But in the movie it is presumed that you were tricked into the part, is that not the case?

Daffy: Ha, ha, ha, fat boy. You reporterth are all alike. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Of courth it wathnít like that. I had a big fat check and a thuper agent to work with.


Ed: Ok, how about we move on to other things.  Are you involved politically?

Daffy: Lithen Bub. I want to talk about my thtardom, and Iím thure thath what the public wanth to hear. Donít I look jutht lovely on the big thcreen?


Ed: Of course you do, Daffy.  I didnít mean to upset you I just wanted your public to know more about you?

Daffy: Oh well why didnít you thay tho? Athk away!


Ed: Politically, are you involved?

Daffy: Well, I do thay, I am at the edge of my theat about thothe weaponth of math dethstruction. I mean, how exthiting! Do you think they will find thomething?


Ed: Well youíre obviously well informed, should we move on?

Daffy: Youíre the both, fat boy.


Ed: Did you have any childhood aspirations?

Daffy: Only when I had a headache, thay what kind of a questhtion ith that anyway?


Ed: Uh, just curious. Do you have anything new coming up on the horizon?

Daffy: My agent has millionth of thcripts waiting for me to read. [Yawns] I juth donít know if Iím ready again. You know the lath one took tho much out of me. Iím not a young whipperthnapper anymore, you know.


Ed: Well, I mean, except for the first few years, you donít really look as if youíve aged -  being only an animation.

Daffy: Why thank Ė HEY! Watch it, Bub.


Ed: Anyway, what do you think about whatís going on over at Disney?

Daffy: Why would I care whath going on at Dithney? Did you know that I could have been over at Dithney? If only I could have thaid Dithney, they would have picked me up. Tho why would I care now about that wretched plathe?


Ed: Well, I just thoughtÖ

Daffy: You thought, you thought! Thath the trouble with this plathe.  Thereth way too much thinking going on.


Ed: Now that you mention it.  Truthfully, my questions were set up for Mickey.  He was supposed to be my interviewee.  But he recently got an involuntary twenty year extension on  his contract and couldnít get out the chains with which he was locked. So all Iíve got are these corporate Disney / Mike versus Roy questions Ė and you, of course.

Daffy: Ouch Ė Youíre tho dithpicable!


Ed: So, have you given any thought to Dithney Ė I mean Disney?

Daffy: Sure, hereth what I think Ė I think Roy should contact Yothemite Tham (you know, heíth the rougheth tougheth hombre to ever walk the Earth Ė or thomething like that.) Then the two of them thould head over the Mikeíth plathe and just take him down in cold blood.


Ed: Uh, Daffy Ė thatís a bit illegal.

Daffy: Yeah and?  Thay, juth what thort of man are you anyway?  Are we done yet?  I think I hear my matheuthe calling. Oh, Hanth, here I am Hanth.


Ed: Daffy, itís been fun.

Daffy: Uh, yeah, like a vethectomy Ė or thomething.





        Welcome to the Family!

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Guess what kids! Thereís a new feud in town!  But no, itís not Hatfields against McCoys. No, this time itís Disneys against Eisners Ė and guess whoís running the farm.  From what it sounds like Roy wants tunas that taste good while Michael wants tunas with good taste.  Thatís right, Mr. Eisner is trying to make a profitable corporation out of Disney and he doesnít care what becomes of the family name.  I mean, come on - The Walt Disney Company's ABC Presents the Victoria's Secret Lingerie Show.  Whatís that about? Family Fun Night? Yeah, and Hooterís is a ďNice Family Restaurant!Ē


Anyway, Michael Eisner (yes, the guy who brought us Happy Days and Starsky and Hutch) is not necessarily a bad guy.  I mean he did turn Disney around when it was on the brink of disaster and allowed the company to produce one animation hit after another the likes of which include The Little Mermaid and Lion King.  But letís face it.  Times are tough.  And tough times call for drastic measures. So these times we can see Mr.Eisner basically dismantling Disneyís old faithful, the animation department. Hey, I hear the porn industry is very lucrative, Mr. Eisner.  Minnie does Minnesota anyone?


And then thereís Roy . Poor Roy . Thought heíd go out with a bang. He was kind of between a rock and a hard place anyway.  He would have been forced into retirement by the Disney Boardís new Ďage rule.í  So why not go out with guns-a-blazing! He decided to pre-empt the Ďforcingí part and retire with a shotgun letter asking for Michael Eisnerís retirement as well. Roy is the last Disney in the business and was probably the most like his Uncle Walt.  He enjoyed the fun and art of the business and his pet project was Fantasia 2000. Roy thought that Disney should make animations because thatís what Disney always did and they always did it well. Well Roy , Uncle Waltís not around anymore and Uncle Mike thinks otherwise. Hey, I want to make my own cool animations all day long too, but that ainít paying the bills.


So is this a bad thing? Disneyís slowly distancing itself from the animation world. If you think thatís bad then head on over to and put your name on the list.  Donít get me wrong, I like Disney. I think both Fantasia flicks are some of the best animations and visualizations around. I cried for Bambi.  I was frightened for Pinocchio. I laughed with Goofy. But what has this done to the American viewer? They think all animation is for children and all animation should be based on a proven story. But mostly, they think that all animation should be somewhat lifelike and with cute lovable animals.


Maybe, just maybe, now that Disneyís animation is fading away there will be a chance that animation will be seen as an artform and not as a marketing ploy.  Maybe, just maybe, we can start looking at animation thatís made around the globe where cute is not necessarily the bottom line. Maybe, just maybe, we can go back to experimenting with animation and seeing what the art can do.

Again, donít get me wrong. Disney has done wonders with animation and I really love most of the movies. But letís stop emulating and start innovating. Letís animate in new directions.  And other good things may come.  Already many of the laid-off animators have started a new company and are well into three new animations.  Letís see what they come up with. I really do feel bad for Roy , but letís see if Mr. Eisner really can work wonders with Disney. Letís move ahead and hope for the best!




Also, here are a couple of audio links for stories that appeared on National Public Radio recently.


"NPR : Filmmaking and Animation" 

"NPR : The Future of Disney" 


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