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  Dec 13, 2003                1:00 4:30pm               Concept

Met for the first time.  We covered a lot of ground today from learning a bit about the animation techniques and the persistance of vision to seeing first hand how it is all done and even doing a bit of brainstorming on story and characters.

  Jan 10, 2004                 9:00 12:30pm             Storyboard & Characters

After watching some of the animations that were done by other workshops in the past, today we were introduced to the chaos that is a creative story/storyboarding session.  But we came out of it with a workable story and even some character designs!

  Jan 24, 2004                 9:00 12:30pm            Animating

It was mostly work today.  We briefly watched part of a documentary about the Termite Terrace (Looney Tunes animators) after which we found out that an Exposure Sheet (X-Sheet) is actually the blueprint of animation.  We then roughly timed the animation and went on to create a bunch of clay models, backgrounds and credits.

  Feb 7, 2004                9:00 12:30pm            Animating

Well, we had another busy day on Saturday. Everyone was able to look into the animation studio and we now have some footage of some of the scenes.  Scene 1 is ready to be edited together with the various layers.
We have to think about sounds.  What kind of sound effects / music do we want to add?
I've posted the script and storyboards on the website.
Thanks again to our volunteers: Craig Lagrow, Dan Cornell, Evert Brown and Sam Fleming!

  Feb 28, 2004                9:00 12:30pm            Animating

This week we had a treat.  Emmy award winning Evert Brown, a 30-year animation verteran of The Peanuts, Garfield, Cathy and others gave everyone a quick lecture in traditional animation. It was great to see everyone so involved at the light table workstations and animation cameras attached to the lunchboxes for pencil tests.

  Mar 13, 2004                9:00 12:30pm            Animating

We now have a few different groups and everyone is working on something different. Some are working cleanup, others on traditional 2d animation, some on Flash and still others working backgrounds. Whew!  Busy!

Joe Garrick joined as a volunteer and Dan Cornell, Judy and Debbie showed up!

  Mar 27, 2004                9:00 12:30pm            Animating

Lot's going on. Again a lot of work going frame-by-frame in the animation process.  The backgrounds are done, yeah!  Now we need to get started on sound.

Again thanks to all the volunteers. 

  Apr 10, 2004                9:00 12:30pm            Animating

With the snow and spring break we only have half a crew. But everyone worked hard and cleaned up quite a bit of footage. The yeti now needs to be cleaned up and painted.

  Apr 24, 2004                9:00 12:30pm             Sound

  May 8, 2004                 9:00 12:30pm             Editing

  May 22, 2004               9:00 12:30pm             End of workshop